Thierry de Saint Pierre is unanimously re-elected as president of ACTI

ACTI’s new Board of Directors met for the first time and elected the Executive Committee for the 2022-2023 term.
The result of this election was that the board members unanimously chose Thierry de Saint Pierre of Idemia Identity & Security Chile, to continue in his position as president of our Association.

Francisco Guzmán from Claro Chile continues in his role as first vice president; Náyat Sánchez-Pi, director of INRIA Chile, will be the second vice president and Sandra Gatica of Rayén Salud will be third vice president.

The challenges ACTI faces and its lines of work for this year including positioning Chile as a cloud service center, which is translated into the fact that our country is becoming a Digital Connectivity Hub between Latin America and ASIA, and a Service Platform Hub that provides sophisticated services to the world with state-of-the-art data centers.

The digital transformation of the state is fundamental and will be among the issues that ACTI will address as a key player in the technologies to facilitate digital government and the new state digital transformation law, in addition to the training of IT talent in Chile to fill the human capital deficit that the sector currently faces and the digital transformation of companies: 65% of global GDP will be digitized this year and we must be prepared. For the IT entrepreneurship ecosystem, we will also hold the second version of the ACTI TECH AWARDS.

And as point six, IT-based innovation. «On this point we are engaged in unprecedented and essential work with the Chile Technology Board, which we created last year together with CHILETEC and AIE, whose mission is to promote the capacity to develop and manufacture technology in Chile. We hope to sign a working agreement with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation very soon to make progress in this matter,» ACTI president Thierry de Saint Pierre explained.

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